Omake Section

This is where you'll find all the stuff that isn't in black and white--concept art, fanart/fanworks, and the covers and atogaki for the chapters.

Chapter Covers
File 01 Cover
Ribby and Marie have just passed each other by on a busy footbridge in Boston.  The bridge's sign has been vandalized to read "Reverse the Curse," a common phrase in Boston.

"Atogaki" or afterwords are what I put in at the end of every installment.
Atogaki #1: Ribby circa 1994

Fan Art/Fanworks
Bust of Ribby, by Rikki Murasaki.

Concept Art/Other Art

Design sheet for Ribby.
(Unfinished) design sheet for Tanya.
Design sheet for Pierrepoint Academy uniforms.
Ribby in her summer uniform.
UFO Catcher style SD Ribby.  And here is the same picture, colored in Paint Shop Pro.
Concept art for Ribby, circa 1998.
Concept art for Roger, circa 1998.  (I hate it.)
UFO Catcher style SD Roger, Tony, Chimo, Dimitri, Ribby and Tanya.
Pencil sketch Elegant Gothic Lolita Ribby.
(Unfinished) fantasy style picture of Ribby and Tanya in jewel-toned gowns, circa 2001.  (This is when I was still deciding on Ribby's hair length.)
Portrait of Ribby.  Done on an oekaki board, circa 2003.  (It's in PNG format.)
Nova from Magic Knight Rayearth II, the anime.  Done in ink and colored pencil.
Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura manga, second chapter.  Sketched from the first American flipped release, done in ink and watercolor, circa 2000.
Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew.  NOT Mew Mew Power.
A self portrait of me playing Dance Dance Revolution.  Done on an oekaki board, circa 2004.
Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh.  Done on an oekaki board, circa 2004.  (The title of the picture is "Red Bull Gives You Pigtails.")
Valgaav from Slayers Try.  Done using a VERY early version of Paint Shop Pro, circa 2002.  Based on an image from one of the Slayers Try DVD inserts.

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